Royal Yachts has made a name for itself as one of the UAE’s outstanding  yacht Charter companies. With an impressive spread of attractive services  and a commitment  to excellence, Royal Yachts leads the way  in  delivering unforgettable experiences for its customers.

Royal Yachts boasts a stunning fleet of yachts for both sales and charters  and our yacht crews are dedicated to enhancing your experience  with  their expert knowledge of the seas, hospitality and excellent customer  service. Your personal on-board crew is committed to providing such  extra services as water sports, deep-sea fishing and on-board barbeque  grills.

With  an  ever-growing   product  offering,  Royal  Yachts  strives   to continually seek out unique and innovative services to provide to its  clients. From Formula 1Abu Dhabi charter services and New Year’s Eve  yacht rentals, to exciting sea plane and helicopter coastline tours.

In addition to these services, Royal Yachts is now proud to offer its most  luxury package. Imagine being collected to start your unique experience  in a Rolls Royce Phantom to the airport to then be flown by helicopter  toYas Island to board our super yacht and begina 7 day cruise around the UAE.

Yacht Charters

Royal Yachts  operates and manages a fleet of 15 yachts, ranging between  owned and exclusively managed yachts.

Royal Yachts charter services are ideal for private yacht owners looking  to offset the running costs of their vessels in the trusted hands of expertise, experience and professionalism.

Yacht Sales

Royal Yachts offers a variety of the highest quality luxury yachts and  mega yachts for sale .Our experienced sales team will guide you through  your search, ensuring you find the optimal investment to meet both your  expectations and budget.

Yacht Management

Royal Yachts turnkey yacht management services to both its captains and yacht  owners ensure  that all  legal,  operational,  financial and  safety aspects of each vessel is managed to the very final details.     Our experience teams of vessel managers place the utmost importance in  efficiency and diligence.