H.E Dr. Obaid Khalifa Al Zaabi comes from a diverse educational background that began in Cairo University during his bachelors in Business Administration, closely followed by a diploma in Diplomatic Relations during his time in Switzerland.

He went on to complete a master’s degree in International Relations in the USA, before completing his education with a PhD in Political Science from Egypt.

This extensive and diverse educational background formed the basis for a strong professional career, which saw His Excellency serve 28 years in The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the United Arab Emirates during which he worked in Yemen, Germany and Kuwait as an Ambassador.

H.E Dr. Obaid Khalifa Al Zaabi is also the proud owner of an array of real estate assets that spread across the hospitality, commercial and residential markets. His market shares include the UAE, Lebanon and Egypt in which they exceed a value of over AED 500 million.

Under his vision and guidance OBK  Investment Group and its  subsidiaries have gone from strength to strength. As a result of the continuing success, the Group attained a total turn over of over AED  80 million in 2014.

Board of Directors

Mohammed Obaid Khalifa Al Zaabi – Director

A Bachelor in Business Management from the American University of Dubai, Mr. Mohammed Al Zaabi is also the CEO of OBK Investment Group LLC

Under the leadership of Mr. Mohammed Al Zaabi, The group has been prospering to great heights. He has drawn heavily from his rich experience while working for the Millennium & Capthrones Hotels & Resorts as its Business Development Manager, Middle East and North Africa.

Mr. Mohammed Al Zaabi is a great connoisseur of luxury cruise yachts.

Khalifa Obaid Khalifa Al Zaabi – Director

An Engineering graduate in Electronics Technology from Coventry University, UK and an MBA from Canadian University, Mr. Khalifa Al Zaabi is a Major in the Ministry of Interior, Government of UAE.

Hafidh Aman Thani – Director

Hafidh Aman Thani stands as one of the UAE’s most prominent personalities in the field of jurisprudence. Hafidh graduated from Dubai Police Academy with a Bachelor’s degree in Law in 1998 in Dubai, UAE and a Masters Degree in Commercial Law from the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Hafidh is an external legal advisor for Abu Dhabi Global and has held several high-level positions within Dubai International Financial Center’s (DIFC), including Senior Legal Counsel and the Head of Commercial and Disputes.